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DXC Technology is an American multinational corporation that provides B2B IT services.

An upset former customer service representative from Denver, CO said this about the work environment at DXC TECHNOLOGY in a review posted by INDEED: “Don’t do it not even worth it. Managers are fake your thrown in without any training It’s a very toxic environment. You will never get a raise and it’s all about who you know. And Favoritism! No pay raise.”


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Current Employee - Svc Info Developer III says

"Low salary. The company does not care about its employees."

Current Employee - Chief Technology Officer (CTO) says

"The company does not treat people with respect. Get all promises in writing. If you are not billable you will be let go faster than when you started."

Former Employee - Cloud Architect says

"Too many unintegrated pieces of several companies and cultures"

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"I haven't had a pay increase in 5 years. It's difficult to get tech support. I think they need to be clear on their strategy and how they want to execute it."

Former Employee - Senior Program Manager says

"Had to work across every time zone to deliver. Entire bonus scheme was a scam"

Former Employee - IT Technician says

"Low pay no raises no advancement"

Former Employee - Representative II says

"Atmosphere. Management. The work conditions are terrible"

Former Employee - Senior Consultant says

"No raises - ever. No room for growth. Per CEO; you want a raise? Become a data scientist."

Current Employee - Program Manager says

"New management in the Eclipse space has no heart! Healthcare costs are CRAZY with some employees paying close to $1K a month just on premiums."

Former Employee - Director says

"The problems with this company start with the micromanaging CEO. Cuts in people to make the company look more profitable; however, the cuts just resulted in decreased customer satisfaction, missed SLAs, and loss of business."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Mangers are fake your thrown in with out any training It’s a very toxic environment. You will never get a raise and it’s all about who you know. And Favoritism!NoneNo pay raise."

Sr. Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"No Job security.Fire any time.no salary when fire.terrible management.Hire and fire rule . every day firing.3rd class company.this is not good company. after joining you are spoiling your carrier no pros. managers are playing politics.managers are playing politics. never join this company."

Senior Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"The Tulsa office looks like a prison and is run by mostly incompetent people. There’s a reason they are always hiring. You will never get a raise here and you will be on the phone 100% of the time Monday through Friday.NoneToo many to list"

Developer/Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Extremely poor management who really don’t care about their people and definitely do not have your back! Poor salaries and no chance of raises/bonuses or any kind of advancement. Since a long time many managers are working and they have many managers with them. They rule the group and they do what ever they want to do.poor managers working since a long timeDirty Managers doing politics"

Provider Enrollment Specialist (Current Employee) says

"This job is stressful. They don’t offer any overtime pay with all the work that is done and you are constantly working late. The pay sucks. You are underpaid for all the work that you do. Supervisors act like they don’t care and they don’t check to see how everyone is doing. It’s like you never get your work done because you get apps and emails and new work every day or every second. It’s so easy to get behind. If they want more people to work here they need to raise their pay and ddo things differently"

Chief Cook and Bottle washer (Former Employee) says

"Extremely poor management who really don’t care about their people and definitely do not have your back! Poor salaries and no chance of raises/bonuses or any kind of advancement. Worst company I have worked for in my 40 year career in IT!"

DevOps Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Good Company with bad people and the people made the company bad by doing politics and no work. The company is at the Ex-trim end of bad things. Do not come here to cry.."

Client Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"The manager's morals are very low, they do not care about their people, the TL's all they do is talk about their personal problems and worry about what's for lunch, and their are very conniving, also instead of helping you, they throw you under the bus,"

Principal (Current Employee) says

"If narcissism exists in the corporate world then DXC is the world leader of it. Employees are treated as highly expendable commodities. Even though there is a new management structure that set out a new mantra it is the same old bs as beforeRemote workingToo many to list"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"very bad place to work lot of internal politics by tenured employees and they will not allow other persons to come over and allow them to grow as they fear their positions would get spoilt up"

Provider Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company originally wasn't worth a review but I figured I'd chime my two cents in. The main boss whom I won't disclose names favors nepotism. She breaks every policy to favor blood relatives. Your Co-Workers are out to throw you under the bus. Every chance to bring up someone's name other than their own, They will run to the supervisors like it's a pre-school game. They will violate company policy and doctor's orders to make an example of you (Covid-19, I was sick with it because of this business and to gratify themselves they MADE me come into the office knowing I have a higher susceptibility and violated company work from home orders) and will do everything in their power to get rid of you if you are targeted by said nepotists. Do yourself a favor, Treat this company like the plague it's run by. Do better by yourself and moral standard, Because this branch literally lacks a lick of compassion or a soul."

Cloud Operations Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Concerto Cloud and Tribridge had great administration. Motivation of employees and creation of activities. Always concerned about the spirit of the employees. Also, 100% customer satisfaction. Since DXC Technology acquired, everything has gone south. Disadvantage: DXC Eclipse, which is another subdivision laid off more than 100 employees. In other words, they cleaned the house. Thus. The atmosphere became unstable and due to this instability several engineers and managers searched for a better future. DXC have bad employee benefits and H.R is an agency conducted in India. DXC ends your health insurance once the separation document is signed. No extension and 2 weeks compensation."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"You will not get a raise, you probably won't get paid the first few weeks and they do not give out any raises (yearly or performance) NONE~! You will not have a trainer/mentor and don't bother asking management for help. The management is really good at throwing employee's into the grinder so they are not held accountable for lack of actions."

IT Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the DXE Plano, Texas location for a few months as a favour for a recruiter; let me warn you! (Extremely Poor Environment) You WILL be surrounded with individuals whom are very depressed, and you'll immediately recognize who has Major Mental Disorders! (The Truth!). No professional structure, nor any strategy utilized.There are none for this location.Dirty environment. No structure. (Pocket hole!)."

Desarrollo (Former Employee) says

"Recomiendo que no pierdan su tiempo aplicando en esta empresa"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"workplace culture is very good for married women, shifts are adjustable, salary isn't up-to the expectation. include the transportation, most enjoyable part of the job is fest and carnivals and sports."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"they lie cheat and steal. Clients hate us for good reason. Management does not take any responsibility. They hide behind the workers that take the anger of the clients on a daily basis"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They have BILLIONS in profit yet they pay Starvation-wages for the employees that make the bussiness what it is in the first place. It is the worst ex"

Centro de atención a usuarios nivel 1 (Former Employee) says

"Responsables desagradables. Mal sueldo. El convenio de trabajo no tiene ningún beneficio, por ejemplo: si tienes la mala suerte de entrar en la "guardia 24x7" y te toca trabajar fin de semana, no tienes compensacion ni monetaria ni con tiempo. Haces más horas o más días de los que deberías; hasta 7 días seguidos con la excusa de que "hay que cuadrar las horas del mes". semana".Enlugade empresa"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"No bonuses or raises for 5 years. No advancement unless you kiss up and not based on your merit. It’s about who you know and if you’ll Gm fall in line. Special treatment is allotted to some people."

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